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Applying to Virginia Tech

Freshman Snapshot: Class of 2019

By the Numbers

Number of freshman applicants: 22,500
Number offered admission: 16,373
Number accepting the offers of admission: 6,523
Percentage of the Class of 2019 accepting under the Early Decision Plan: 18%
Number of valedictorians and salutatorians in the freshman class: 155
Number of freshmen who are participating in the Corps of Cadets: 349
Number of freshmen who are legacies (legacy = parent, grandparent, sibling): 1,588
Number of high schools represented in the freshman class: 1,459
Middle 50% GPA of students offered admission: 3.84-4.27
Middle 50% SAT Reasoning Test score of students offered admission: 1,160-1,340
Middle 50% ACT of students offered admission: 25 to 31


Most popular majors for incoming freshmen:

  1. General Engineering
  2. University Studies
  3. General Biosciences
  4. Business (undecided)
  5. Human Nutrition, Foods, & Exercise
  6. Animal and Poultry Sciences
  7. Physics
  8. Architecture
  9. Math
  10. Business Information Technology

From Near & Far

Top 5 home states of out-of-state freshmen:

  1. New Jersey
  2. Maryland
  3. Pennsylvania
  4. North Carolina
  5. New York

Number of states and territories represented: 45, 1 territory
Countries represented: 40
Number of international students: 476

All data current as of May 15, 2015.