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Freshman Application FAQs

by Haley Cripps, Assistant Director, Office of Undergraduate Admissions

Do you have questions about completing the freshman application for admission? From when to submit an application to setting up your guest account and scholarships and financial aid, read on to get the answers to your questions. If your questions aren’t addressed here, feel free to email us at

When is the best time to submit an application?

We have two deadlines to consider when applying—Early Decision and Regular Decision.The Early Decision deadline is November 1 and the Regular Decision deadline is January 15. There is no advantage in the admissions process to apply before the deadline, but please be aware that University Honors does have a priority deadline of December 1.

What is the difference between Early Decision and Regular Decision?

Early Decision is designed for students that know that Virginia Tech is their first choice. The advantage of applying through Early Decision is that the student may know they have been admitted by December 15. It is a binding agreement that, if offered admission, the student will accept the offer and enroll as a freshman. The admissions committee will also defer some applicants. If an application is deferred then it will be reviewed in the Regular Decision pool and there is no longer a binding commitment. If a student is denied admission during Early Decision then that application will not be reviewed during Regular Decision.

How do I know if my admissions application is complete and ready for review?

It is very important for students to create a Guest Account. This will allow you to:

  • See your Application Status page
  • Track when your transcripts and scores are received
  • Apply to University Honors
  • View your financial aid and scholarship package
  • View your admissions decision
  • To create a Guest Account:
    You can complete this step after you apply by pressing “Save, Pay, and Send” on the online application, you must set up your Guest Account.
    1.) Within 48 to 72 hours after you submit your application (depending on whether you apply over a weekend, etc.), you will receive an email from The subject line will be “Virginia Tech Status Page”. This email will contain a link that you must click on.
    2.) Once you click on the link, you will receive an email from with the subject line “Virginia Tech Guest Account Invitation”. This email has an expiration date of 48 hours. You must click on the link in this email within 48 hours in order to finalize the process and set up your Guest Account.

    We also encourage you to check your email filters and spam folders so you don’t miss any communications from us.

    I am receiving an associate’s degree during high school. Am I considered a freshman or transfer applicant?

    You are still considered a freshman applicant. The admissions committee will view the community college work as a strong course selection, but it will not change to the status of the applicant from freshman to transfer.

    What is the cost of applying and can I use a fee waiver?

    The application fee is $60 for freshmen and $70 for international students. If you feel that you are in financial need, please have your guidance counselor submit a request or use a College Board fee waiver form. You are not able to apply online with a fee waiver. You must use the paper form and attach the fee waiver to submit the application.

    What GPA do I need to have to be admitted?

    There is no magic GPA that grants a student admission. We review each applicant holistically in the context of the high school and recognize the different GPAs may seem overwhelming. The committee looks for an A/B+ average in academic coursework, no matter what the numeric GPA looks like.

    How are standardized tests used?

    We can use either ACT or SAT scores for students. Some students will choose to take both tests. We will use the highest math and highest verbal or English score from either test and from any test date. This will allow students to have the best combination of scores for the review process.

    I want to double-major. How does that work in admissions?

    You will need to pick one major for admissions purposes. Once you have enrolled at Virginia Tech, you can work with your academic advisor to select a second major.

    Can I bring in credit through dual-enrollment at a community college?

    Yes, many dual-enrollment courses will have a Virginia Tech equivalent. Transferring credit will not have any affect on the admissions process, but can be beneficial to students when making their course schedule. You can find most course equivalencies on our Transfer Guide:

    What about receiving credit from AP or IB exams?

    Yes, students are able to bring in credit from AP or IB exams. AP or IB scores on the exams will not affect the admissions process. You can find more information on receiving credit here:

    How do financial aid and scholarships work?

    Money is awarded through University Scholarships and Financial Aid. The priority deadline to complete the FAFSA is March 1. This is required for any financial aid and some scholarships. Virginia Tech also has a General Scholarship Application that has a priority deadline of February 15. This includes merit and need based scholarships through the university.

    I’m interested in applying to University Honors. What do I need to do?

    We encourage anyone interested in University Honors to complete their admissions application a few weeks before the Honors priority deadline of December 1. Then you will be able to access the Honors application through your Status Page and complete it by December 1. The selection to University Honors happens separately from the undergraduate admissions process. Competitive freshmen applicants will have A to A/B+ grades and a combined SAT scores of 1350 or ACT composite score of 30.