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Pamplin College of Business

Hospitality and Tourism Management

The Department of Hospitality and Tourism Management prepares students for management careers in the hospitality and tourism industry. This industry is one of the world's largest and fastest growing fields and includes hotel corporations, restaurants and food service corporations, private clubs, resorts, convention bureaus, and travel and tourism corporations.

The curriculum balances specialized hospitality management courses with a strong business core and the university general education requirements. Students can customize their hospitality and tourism management courses to emphasize areas such as hospitality management, meeting and event management, club and resort management, global tourism management, and food management.

Students gain supervised management training experience through a required internship with national and international companies. The department also offers a variety of international opportunities that include international student exchanges and education abroad programs.

Transfer Admissions Quick Guide

For VCCS Students:

  • Eng 111 and 112.
  • Math 270 (OR 271). Math 272 recommended, but not required.
  • Two semesters of a transferable Lab Science.

For non-VCCS Students (VT Course Numbers):

  • English 1105 and 1106.
  • Math 1525. Math 1026 OR 2015 recommended, but not required
  • Two semesters of a transferable Lab Science.

Pamplin College of Business

Hospitality and Tourism Management is a part of the Pamplin College of Business. Majors in this college may share high school preparation requirements as well as common coursework at Virginia Tech.