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College of Architecture & Urban Studies

Interior Design

The interior design program offers a four-year professional degree program in interior design accredited by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ). Students receive a bachelor of science in interior design, which is the first step in preparation for taking the NCIDQ exam and membership in professional organizations.

Practical studio experience builds competencies in fundamental design, materials, finishes, lighting, computer-aided design, historical interiors, professional practice, interior construction, space planning, programming, and communication skills. Most students also take field study in interior design to acquire work experience before graduation. The program requires students to maintain a minimum grade point average to continue in the program.

Graduates obtain employment in architectural and design firms, corporations, and institutions as interior designers, space planners, and in other related design positions.

Transfer Admissions Quick Guide

For VCCS Students:

  • Eng 111 and 112
  • Math 166/175 OR Math 271/272 OR Math 173/174
  • Two semesters of a transferable Lab Science

For non-VCCS Students (VT Course Numbers):

  • English 1105 and 1106
  • Math 1014/1025 OR Math 1025/1026 OR Math 1225/1226
  • Two semesters of a transferable Lab Science

College of Architecture & Urban Studies

Interior Design is a part of the College of Architecture & Urban Studies. Majors in this college may share high school preparation requirements as well as common coursework at Virginia Tech.

For More Information

Lisa Tucker
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Blacksburg, VA 24061

Phone: (540) 231-9494

Website: Interior Design

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